Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy birthday, our love!

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Monday, August 13, 2007

(Funny) British chaps you should know about part II

Simon Amstell - "Simon Amstell, it has to be said, is an annoying git - a naturally talented entertainer from off of the telly capable of making a roomful of people laugh themselves stupid, and just 26 years old. He doesn't look a day over 18. Amstell made his name by being splendidly rude in interviews with pop muppets and puffed-up indie egos alike on C4's 'Popworld', something which made him the obvious choice to step into Mark Lamarr's shoes when the greasy 50s throwback gave up his job hosting 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks'." - Silent words speak loudest

Noel Fielding - "Noel Fielding is a comedian with the hair of a 60’s girl. He’s won awards and everyfink. He’s also been in a film ( ‘Plunkett & MacLeane’ - as a ‘brothel gent’ ), on a record ( as yet unreleased by Skint’s Midfield General ), and is one half of the gloriously hammock-riddled surrealist comedy duo The Mighty Boosh. Sometimes he wears antlers." - PinkTink

Russell Brand - "Russell Edward Brand (born June 4, 1975 in Grays, Essex) is an English radio and television personality, comedian, actor, and newspaper columnist. Brand dresses in a flamboyant bohemian fashion describing himself as looking like an "S&M Willy Wonka". Brand's current style consists of black eyeliner, drainpipe jeans, Beatle boots, and long, shaggy, backcombed hair." - Wikipedia

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Sweet (twenty)sixteen

De ziua mea:

- am facut un drum pana la granita sa o scoatem fraudulos pe Missy din Bulgaria
- mi s-a cantat in cor "Casa mea" in Adunatii-Copaceni
- am inceput sa adunam footage video cu "cuibul de viespi"
- am primit nu o casca de snowboard, ci o vocatie
- am discutat mult mai mult decat ai crede ca e posibil despre medicamente si nasteri
- mi s-a cerut buletinul la intrarea intr-un club
- am facut pogo cu o hora intreaga
- am auzit cea mai amuzanta replica de agatat ("I have all my teeth, I'm nice and I like chess.")

Completati-ma, care va stiti ca ati fost acolo...

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Boy Kill Boy - Suzie

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