Friday, April 09, 2010

Foodie food food

Season 2 of Heston Blumenthal's feasts started and oh boy, did it start big: the first show had Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as an inspiration. I am still struggling to find clips from it, which is frustrating, because it was so cool words are not enough to describe it and I think everybody in the world should see it, it is so beyond food. It's basically making magic come true. But watch this space, I just might deliver the goodies. Let me just say... there was lickable wallpaper. Dude!

Talking about food and foodies, I've been thinking about something that kind of upsets me. I have so much respect for these professional cooks who have obviously been through so much sweat and so many years to refine their art, and trust me, after seeing a pretty stirring documentary about the Michelin star craze, even without that, it's just so soul consuming, passion for food and doing it right professionally, isn't it? So in light of this, just because you cook at home and then write about it on the internet, I really don't think gives you the right to call yourself a Chef, not even as a wise crack. Especially if you are a food lover, thus supposedly have respect for people who dedicated their whole lives to it. Upsetting.

With that in mind, I shall resume my clip hunt. Heston, where are you hiding?


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sehr schon

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Heston's Feasts

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