Thursday, May 14, 2009

Behind, in parallel and ahead.

The past is irrelevant.

The present is improvable.

"Hello my little wifey, Family Guy is on my TV. You know I hate watching this alone... I miss you even more. I'm not in a writing mood, but then again it doesn't feel very good if I don't write about what I'm doing. My room is clean and there are almost no pants laying around anymore. The bed looks OK as well and I had a sandwich two hours ago, because I was very hungry. Guess that's not very interesting :-) . Right. You probably just woke up, and now you have to read this not very interesting mail from your missing husband. I'm trying to imagine how your day starts. How you wake up in a hurry and maybe sometimes you have some breakfast. Then you read my mail, maybe at work, maybe at home. I don't mind if you read it at work, because I know my baby isn't in the best mood in the morning :-) ."

But the future sounds like happiness.

Inchei cu "site of the day": why not customize some shoes.


Blogger Monique of the Problematique said...

Suga', oh honey honey!

7:52 PM  

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