Friday, May 26, 2006

Your tattoo is le awesome.

Asta e "my favourite celeb tattoo". On my second favourite celeb girl (Gwen e inca my first). E vorba de tatuajul de pe burtica, pe care mi l-as face si eu linistita daca as avea un abdomen corespunzator. It says "Quod me nutrit me destruit" (Ce ma hraneste, ma distruge).

Si da, am si eu un tatuaj. Care inseamna foarte mult pentru mine. Dar despre asta, in alt mesaj...

Inchei cu "pun of the day" (pun = a play on words, sometimes on different senses of the same word and sometimes on the similar sense or sound of different words):
When kissing flowers, tulips are better than one.


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