Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Book, Food, Music - my favorite salad.

When touring the country, there are only so many times one can stomach Taco Bell, Burger King and KFC; no one knows this better than touring musicians, as journalist Zuaro proves in this winning collection of on-tour favorites that run the gamut from simple (Death Cab for Cutie's Veggie Sausage and Peanut Butter Sandwich) to upscale (Patrick Phelan's Swanky Mac N Cheese, featuring lobster and white truffles) to no-scale (the secret to Strung Out's Rock 'N' Ramen is using two Ramen flavors, not one). There's a band for just about every facet of the indie rock world, a diversity of taste reflected in recipes ranging from Battles's Roasted Bone Marrow "Battles Style" to Camera Obscura's Vegetarian Paella. Naturally, there's a fair number of meals that won't sound like a good idea until after 3 a.m., such as a combination of onions, peppers, cheese, eggs and refried beans that Silkworm calls a Cheesy Sleazy. Covering all the bases, including drinks (They Might Be Giants offer up a Countrypolitan with cranberry and pomegranate juice), each recipe also includes comments from the submitting musicians-some more coherent than others (quoth NOFX's El Hefe, "make some mac and cheese, then mix in a can of nelly chilly ... word")-making this a fun, faithful look at what rockers eat when they're not rocking out.
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Inchei cu "quote of the day" - Missy, murdara de grasime la gurita, rontaind carnea de pe un os: "...Eu nu prea gust postmodernismul..."


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Asta vine perfect in completarea unui articol pe care l-am citit duminica despre The Sounds si chiftelele suedeze: http://tinyurl.com/2ffljk

Am comandat cartea, sunt curios daca o sa imi placa...

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